Guess & Learn

Authors: Snezana Mitrovic & Aleksandra Savic

Year: 2023
Genre: Educational for students
Editor: Global Hippo Association



The original drawings accompanying each section, the very idea that tedious vocabulary practice can be turned into fun and brought closer to the students, and the only seemingly easy form of the exercises, all these are the qualities that make this book stand out from similar workbooks. This crosswords-workbook is a welcome source of additional practice materials for any teacher and any group of students (from the absolute beginner level, through A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels, all the way up to the C1 level), and it guarantees that both will have a lot of fun while practising
the required vocabulary.

Tatjana Paunović, PhD, Full Professor, English Dept, University of Niš


This handy volume offers a range of well costructed crosswords intended to support the development of English language skills and designed to appeal to learners of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. (…) The crosswords are instructive and interesting, and within each level the puzzles are organised to introduce participants to shorter and more common words first. This self paced book offers well researched and current puzzles to help non native English speakers interested in improving their English skills.

Elisabeth Perry, MA, MoH, Cert Ed.